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YouTube Blueprint

Description: In this course, I reveal the simple steps, tools, and methods I've used to build multiple YouTube channels. 

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What is the YouTube Blueprint?

The main focus of this course is to help people understand how to win at YouTube in 2023. This course if focused on strategy from a birds eye view, so you can apply these concepts to any type of channel.
My process for starting successful channels is fairly similar every time, regardless of the niche. Because of this, you can use the exact same steps to grow a channel in whatever niche you desire..
This is NOT a step by step tutorial... This is a 80 minute course that teaches you everything I know about going viral on YouTube in todays algorithm from a birds eye view. It teaches you the psychology of growing a successful channel, how the algorithm works, and why. It does not give you step by step instructions, teach you editing skills, or hold your hand. 
This course is for self starters who want to understand how to swim with the current of the YouTube algorithm rather than struggling to fight upstream against it.
Refund Policy: I offer  a full refund to anyone if they request before completing 15% of the course. This gives you a risk free chance to see if you like the learning style. Once you move passed the first lesson or consume 15% of the material, I do not offer refunds.
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Course Layout...



  • The road that lays ahead
  • Biggest reasons people fail
    • Don’t see growth immediately and give upThe correct balance of revolving and installment debt
    • Victim mindset
  • Worrying about what other people will think
  • Set expectations (time, money)
  • Anatomy of a successful youtube channel today (help them solve a problem, entertaining, bingeable)

Set up

  • Choose a niche (interest, high CPM, audience)
  • Who is your audience (avatar sheet)
  • Choose a channel name and branding
  • Basic set up


  • What makes a video go viral?
  • The current state of the Youtube algorithm
  • 4 key qualities of a viral video

Equipment and tools

  • What equipment do i need?
  • What softwares should i be using?


  • Create the perfect Titles and thumbnails
  • Scripting
  • My scripting process (tutorial)
  • Editing
  • Crafting an irresistible hook
  • Youtube shorts (it depends)
  • Youtube SEO / keywords

Getting monetized

  • Long form vs shorts thresholds
  • Do’s and don’ts for monetization

Community management

  • Build trust and rapport with your audience over time
  • Take their feedback and improve your content

Digital YouTuber

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